What do you mean by "Young"?

YP members are at various stages of professional life. Some are recent grads, some are established in their career, and some are taking on entrepreneurial endeavors. Most YP members fall between the ages of 23-45.

What do you mean by professional?

Think of professional in the broad sense. YP welcomes everyone regardless of their occupation. We are an inclusive group of individuals from a variety of backgrounds, professions, and lifestyles. Whether you wear a suit and tie or jeans and boots, we have something for you!

Do I need to be a chamber member?

Yes, at this time any potential young professional candidate must be a McHenry Area Chamber of Commerce member in order to participate in the organization.

How much does it cost to join?

Individual membership costs $50 annually. We also offer a corporate membership program which may be more beneficial for your professional development needs.

Can I use my dues as a business expense?

Yes, membership dues are tax deductible just like any other subscription based business costs. Once your application form is processed, you will receive a receipt of payment to keep for your tax records.

Will you sell my information?

Absolutely not. The only information ever made public is the approved content given to us from you for the website: profile picture, general bio description, contact information and social media links.

How can I get my employer to cover my dues?

Membership dues are tax deductible, so your employer should pay them if it can afford to. Remind your boss that the professional development you receive and the strong relationships you build will benefit the company as well.

We Make A Difference!

The Young Professionals of McHenry appreciate the impact our members make. Through continued engagement and support, we distinguish ourselves as an essential group within the McHenry County area community.

we make a difference