YP Spotlight: Kristyn Klekovic

August Member Spotlight

Kristyn Klekovic

Owner and Artist at Innokreative Arts
YP Member since 2015

Where are you from?

I am originally from Chicago.

At what age did you know you were artistically inclined? Was there a certain teacher, mentor or experience that made you want to create artwork?

I was always “drawn” to art (no pun intended..lol). I definitely became more inspired in my high school years, not necessarily a specific teacher, but by the growth in my ability. Once I started college I encountered two large inspirational artists. First was a painting teacher who was amazing and really opened up my desire to get better with my artwork. Next, was a friend I met through working at Great America. He opened the door for so many new forms of art. He taught me how to use the airbrush and then later invited me to join in his new venture in the world of bodypainting. He is an incredible artist and I learned the most from him. I worked with him and his crew for over 10 years and we are still great friends to this day. Check out his website www.marioink.com (then you will see where most of my roots are).

What made you decide to pursue a career in the creative world?

I decided to pursue a career in art when I fell in love with the positive feedback I was constantly getting from people. Watching them admire my work and enjoy it is a constant inspiration.

Whats types of artwork do you create? Do you work in different mediums?

I am a very diverse Artist and work in several different forms of art. I specialize in face and body art, airbrush makeup and custom painting. For custom painting I can work in pretty much all mediums (acrylic, oils, charcoal, pencil, airbrush, etc..). I have even recently developed interest in painting and antiquing woodwork creations. For makeup I can work with traditional makeup, but mostly perform jobs using HD airbrush makeup. Extreme Halloween makeup with body paint and airbrush, along with facepainting, are my most well known specialties.

What kind of professional art services do you offer?

    The specific services I get hired for are:

  • wedding and special event makeup
  • facepainting for events, private parties, festivals, block parties, fundraisers, etc..
  • Halloween makeup and/or bodypainting
  • Mural art……interior and exterior walls or large canvas ( this is one of the areas I am trying to focus on and make it a prime specialty)

You are very passionate about your work. What is your creative process from idea to execution? Is it ever difficult to come up with an idea for a potential customer, especially a commissioned project?

My initial creative process is usually always focused on determining what a client is really looking for and making that happen. At times I will brainstorm ideas, look for inspiration, sketch ideas, but sometimes I just start from one brush stroke and create as I go. Some of my best work happens that way. On occasion I may struggle for an idea, artists get there own form of writers block sometimes, but it only makes me more determined.

Any recent professional or personal accomplishments?

My biggest professional accomplishment has been building a business for myself and keeping it growing since January of 2014. A new recent accomplishment was being featured in Voyage Chicago Magazine! On the personal side, it feels like a great accomplishment to have built a career that still allows me to be there for my kids and even have them involved with me sometimes.

You are also the current President of the Young Professionals of McHenry. What made you decide to step up and take on the officer role?

I wanted to step up as President of the Young Professionals because I always saw such a great potential for a group like this. I didn’t want it to slip through the cracks and felt really passionate and compelled to do the best I could to bring it back to life. My hope is that it can make a really great and positive impact for someone else, the way it did for me in the past.

If money and means were not an issue, what would be your dream project to work on as a professional artist?

I’m pretty sure I have an endless list of dream projects! But definitely murals in some landmark places if possible.

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