YP Spotlight: Stacy Brown

Stacy Brown

Account Executive at Colonial Life
YP Member since 2016

Where are you from?

I was born in Evanston, IL and grew up in Lake Zurich, IL. My family is also from Jamaica.

What do you do as an Account Executive at Colonial Life?

I build relationships with business owners and HR professionals, offering voluntary benefits that can help their employees during challenging times. Our plans provide financial protection and assist employees with maintaining their lifestyle when the unexpected in life happens.

You work with a lot of smaller companies in the McHenry area. What makes Colonial Life a better solution for smaller businesses?

Our voluntary benefits are cost-effective as there is No Direct Cost to businesses for providing our plans. We also provide 1-to-1 benefits counseling for employees to better understand all of their benefits including core health plans. Our administration of the plans are also simple as it is through payroll deductions.

You have been at Colonial for a little over a year. Any impactful client stories you can share?

We were enrolling benefits at a company that had mostly younger employees. They thought they would live forever and didn’t see an immediate need for our coverage. One employee mentioned that he loves riding his motorcycle. We encouraged him to protect himself with an Accident and Disability plan. About a month later he got into a bad motorcycle accident and was out of work for over 3 months. He was incredibly grateful to have our plans as it paid him directly to cover medical bills and cover loss wages. He was able to recover and not have the added stress of no income coming into his home.

What do you like most about what you do?

Not everyday is the same. I truly enjoy meeting new people, learning about their industry and being able to assist their employees during very challenging times.

Any recent personal accomplishments?

Haven’t ran that marathon yet but I joined my first golf league and rode a Harley. I’m appreciating life everyday! Having a near death experience which hospitalized me back in November and having the strength to make it through is an accomplishment within itself. Having Colonial Life coverage for myself, I saw first hand how life can easily change and our plans can help in a major way.

You are also very active in the McHenry Chamber. Why did you decide to join the Young Professionals of McHenry as well?

In addition to having a Corporate background, I’ve owned my own business and felt I could share my experiences to help young professionals. I’ve always had incredible mentors along my career path and this is another way I can give back.

When you do get some free time, what are some of your favorites things to do?

I enjoy golfing, walking my dogs and getting outside as much as possible – I love the outdoors!

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