YP Spotlight: Traci Emond

Traci Emond

Mortgage Consultant/Loan Officer at Cherry Creek Mortgage Co., Inc.
YP Member since 2014

Where are you from?


What made you decide to pursue a career in mortgage lending?

I needed a job and the person I was living with asked if I wanted to help him with his clients. I knew nothing of the mortgage business but was excited to learn something new. Within a few months I decided I no longer wanted help him grow his business, I wanted to grow my own.

What are the specific services you offer?

I can assist clients with purchasing or refinancing their current home loans. I also work with 1st time home buyers and credit challenged buyers. My sweet spot is divorce lending.

Divorce is such an overwhelming process. How do you handle working with vulnerable and emotional clients on a daily basis?

It is just like any other job, just listen. Most of the time that is all they need. Once we have talked about their current situation and what the goals are for the imminent future, we set a plan in place to help assure they meet those goals. Nothing worse than lying in bed at night and wondering if you will be able to provide a roof over your families’ heads. We set a plan in place to assure that will happen.

What do you like most about what you do?

Helping borrowers fulfill their dreams of homeownership! There is nothing more rewarding then to see them get those keys for the 1st time! Especially when you talk with a potential borrower that has been turned down by another lender and I am able to get them approved. Feeling like you did all you could to help them live out their dreams is why I come to work every day.

Any impactful client stories you can share?

Recently I had a client that was turned down by 3 other lenders for recent credit issues and with quite a bit of hard work we were able to get them preapproved and into the newest chapter of their lives.

Why did you decide to join YP McHenry?

I joined YP’s to learn more about networking and to grow my relationships with fellow chamber members.

When you do get some free time, what are some of your favorites things to do?

Spending time with my family. I do enjoy golfing with friends and just recently joined a co-ed bowling league.

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